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Here at Andy’s Carpets, we do everything possible to ensure that our customers find the perfect bed frame and mattress combination. A peaceful night’s sleep remains key to good health and productivity, so choosing a mattress requires careful consideration. At our bed shop in Leeds, we offer expertise backed by 15 years of industry experience to help customers from across the city, Wakefield and the wider Yorkshire area. With our comprehensive range, we always find the ideal blend of style and comfort to meet every need.


For the ultimate convenience, we deliver mattresses and bed frames to our clients for an additional fee. We pride ourselves on always going the extra mile for our customers.


For more information regarding mattresses and bed frames, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Finding the Right Mattress


Visitors to our bed shop find mattress to fit every budget. From basic styles for a landlord in Leeds to luxury designs for a bed and breakfast in Wakefield, Andy’s Carpets does them all.


Some of our more popular mattresses include:


Orthopaedic – Specially designed to give greater levels of support during sleep, these mattresses suit people with back or joint pain as well as musculoskeletal issues. Usually manufactured from latex foam or pocket springs, the orthopaedic mattresses that we stock in our bed shop distribute weight more efficiently for an undisturbed sleep.


Pocket Sprung – These mattresses offer homeowners in Leeds, Wakefield and across Yorkshire a level of affordable luxury. Within the mattress, a collection of small springs sit within their own pocket of fabric. This allows each spring the freedom to move independently of the others, providing a higher amount of support.


In our bed shop, pocket sprung mattresses remain a popular choice for double beds as they adapt to the weight differences of each user, minimising the chance of disturbance during the night.


Memory Foam – Consisting of a mouldable, hypo-allergenic material that adapts to temperature and weight, these mattresses provide a modern alternative in the search for comfort. The material absorbs the weight of the user, moulding itself to the shape of their body.


By creating a sinking-in sensation, memory foam mattresses relieve pressure on joints while maintaining posture, allowing the spine to naturally align. This makes them ideal for people in Leeds, Wakefield and the surrounding areas with joint or back pain.


We keep our bed shop stocked with mattresses in the following sizes:


  • 2ft 6in
  • 3ft
  • 4ft
  • 4ft 6in
  • 5ft
  • 6ft



A Selection of Premium-Quality Beds


We have a wide range of bed frames to complement any choice of mattress. With an array of styles to choose from, our beds can form a focal point of a new bedroom design in Leeds or fit seamlessly into an existing scheme in Wakefield.


Customers can find the following frames in our bed shop:


  • Divans
  • Faux Leather
  • Electric
  • Orthopaedic


From the stylistic benefits of divans and faux leather frames to the health and comfort advantages provided by orthopaedic and electrically-adjustable beds, we cater to every need.


Our frames and mattresses come in compatible sizes, so the solution for a perfect night’s sleep is waiting for you in our bed shop.


Andy’s Carpets also supplies a range of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more.


To discuss the best bed and mattress fit for your home in Leeds, Wakefield or the wider Yorkshire, call our bed shop on 0113 318 6670.

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